English Bulldog Charm


The English Bulldog Charm is the perfect accessory to add to your bracelet or necklace! The dog represents loyalty and friendship making it the perfect companion to carry around! Its unique design is meant to complement your look and add another aspect of beauty to your appearance. It goes great with any dress, casual, formal, or informal attire. Add the charm to your collection! It also make a great gift for your friend, wife, mother, or daughter.


  • Oxidized silver preventing it from rotting
  • 925 sterling silver, a completely safe alloy
  • Full enamel process which adds a texture of smooth and shine that gives your jewelry an extra charm


Color: Silver and Pink
Main Stone: Zircon
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Weight: 2g
Size: 2.4cm x 1.5cm
Package: Includes 1 Charm